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Connect with your audience through Aki Moments

Aki Moments supports brand advertisers who want to build or deepen relationships with customers in our noisy modern world. Marketers who harness the power of moments delight customers and unlock their best business results.

What is an Aki Moment?

Most digital advertisers buy impressions. Instead, Aki offers moments. Simply put, an Aki Moment is a superior advertising opportunity.

Aki Moments, which are built from billions of technical signals, interpret complex human behaviors and intent in a way marketers can understand and respond to with personalized advertising.

Aki Moments are superior to impressions because they deliver:
  • Right place, right time messaging
  • The promise of a deeper relationship with customers
  • Insight into a person’s needs and mindset
  • Measurable results for your brand or business


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Aki Technologies empowers brands and retailers to reach people by targeting pivotal moments in the consumer journey with personalized advertising. With four personalization patents, Aki’s award-winning technology dynamically tailors ads in the moment based on region, weather, buying preferences, and other historical and present factors. This ensures a more relevant ad experience that drives stronger campaign results. To learn how Aki’s personalized mobile, CTV, desktop and DOOH campaigns can help you reach your marketing goals, visit www.a.ki.

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