ANGLE PLC Signs Prostate Cancer Assay Development Deal with Large Pharma


ANGLE plc, a leading liquid biopsy company, has announced the signing of a significant supplier agreement with a major pharmaceutical company. The agreement focuses on the development of an innovative Parsortix-based Androgen Receptor detection assay, specifically designed for application in prostate cancer research.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for ANGLE, as it showcases the company’s expertise in developing cutting-edge liquid biopsy solutions. The Parsortix system has demonstrated its potential to revolutionize the detection and monitoring of prostate cancer by isolating and analyzing rare circulating tumor cells from patient blood samples.

The newly developed assay is expected to provide valuable insights into the role of Androgen Receptor signaling in prostate cancer progression and treatment response. This partnership underscores ANGLE’s commitment to advancing precision medicine and improving patient outcomes in the field of prostate cancer research and management.