Ausel’s Saliva Test Revolution: Pioneering Early Cancer Detection for EU Approval


Ausel Cancer Innovation Introduces Groundbreaking Saliva-Based Cancer Test

In a significant leap forward for cancer diagnostics, Ausel Cancer Innovation has unveiled its latest development: a non-invasive saliva test aimed at the early detection of cancer. This innovative approach seeks to utilize metabolites found in saliva to identify cancer cells, potentially setting a new standard in the diagnosis process.

The test, designed for ease of use in a regular doctor’s office without the need for any specialized equipment, could mark a pivotal change in the early detection of severe cancers, including breast and lung cancer. Such advancements are crucial, as early detection is known to substantially increase the 5-year survival rates for patients.

Nick Ainslie, Ausel’s Manager, has announced the commencement of patient enrollment in Italy for the company’s final study, a crucial step towards achieving European Union (EU) regulatory approval. Additionally, a comprehensive study covering various types of cancer is also set to begin, signaling a broad approach to tackling the disease.

Dr. Prisco Piscitelli, Ausel’s Chief Medical Officer, shared his optimism regarding the test’s potential to significantly improve early cancer detection rates. This development aligns with Ausel’s mission to reduce the physical and economic burdens of cancer on patients worldwide, a vision inspired by the late biochemist Dr. Pietrina Romano, whose research has been instrumental in the pursuit of early cancer detection.