Biomarker Predicts Treg Therapy Efficacy in Type-1 Diabetes Patients


PolTREG S.A., a leading biotech company, has published groundbreaking data in the prestigious journal International Immunopharmacology, revealing a promising efficacy biomarker for Type-1 diabetes patients treated with its innovative Treg cell therapy, PTG-007, in combination with rituximab. The study focused on pediatric early-onset Type-1 diabetes patients and identified PD-1+ T-cells as a reliable indicator of treatment success.

This discovery marks a significant milestone in the development of personalized therapies for Type-1 diabetes, as it enables clinicians to monitor and predict patient responses to the cutting-edge PTG-007 Treg cell therapy. By targeting PD-1+ T-cells, PolTREG S.A. aims to revolutionize the treatment landscape for young patients battling this chronic autoimmune condition, offering hope for improved outcomes and quality of life.