Biopharma’s Battle: Navigating Logistics Hurdles in the Age of Innovation


Survey Highlights Logistics Challenges and Priorities for Biopharma Sector

A recent survey conducted by Cardinal Health and BioPharma Dive reveals critical challenges and priorities within the biopharmaceutical industry’s logistics sector. Amidst regulatory changes, economic volatility, and the emergence of cell and gene therapies, the role of third-party logistics providers (3PLs) is gaining prominence.

Key Findings of the Survey:

  • Top factors enhancing biopharma logistics include improved temperature control solutions (29%) and stronger regulatory support/guidance (24%).
  • The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) presents compliance challenges, with enforcement delayed until 2024, highlighting the need for accelerated preparation.
  • Transportation costs are a major concern, with 36% of executives expecting significant disruptions to logistics goals.
  • There is a growing reliance on 3PLs, with 66% of respondents anticipating an increased need for their services, and 96% considering real-time data and analytics from 3PLs important.

Implications for the Medical Community:

The survey underscores the importance of readiness for DSCSA enforcement, adoption of improved logistics solutions, and partnerships with capable 3PLs. These elements are crucial for ensuring an uninterrupted supply chain of pharmaceutical products, timely delivery of lifesaving drugs, and maintaining the integrity of sensitive biotherapeutics, making the findings highly relevant to healthcare providers and patients.

Cardinal Health’s Contribution:

Cardinal Health is set to assist manufacturers in overcoming these challenges, offering a comprehensive suite of services from warehousing and distribution to regulatory compliance and real-time analytics. Their commitment to aligning with client goals and enhancing patient care through reliable logistics solutions positions them as a key player in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

This survey report highlights the evolving landscape of biopharma logistics and the proactive steps companies need to take to ensure the successful delivery of vital healthcare products.