Colossal’s Gene Tech Could Save Australia’s Endangered Northern Quoll


In a groundbreaking collaboration, scientists from Colossal Biosciences and the University of Melbourne have made significant progress in protecting Australia’s endangered northern quoll from the invasive cane toad. By leveraging Colossal’s cutting-edge gene-editing technologies, originally developed for the de-extinction of the thylacine, researchers are now exploring innovative solutions to safeguard the northern quoll population.

The northern quoll, a small marsupial native to Australia, has been severely impacted by the introduction of cane toads, which secrete a deadly toxin when consumed by predators. Colossal Biosciences’ advanced genetic tools offer a glimmer of hope in mitigating the devastating effects of cane toads on the quoll population, potentially paving the way for a more sustainable future for this iconic Australian species.