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The proof behind the system is in the real-world evidence

Top healthcare companies trust us to help thousands of patients manage their medication schedule day after day.

1+ additional fills per patient per year

Consistently proven results across different therapies and disease states, published by top pharmacies and academic health centers.

Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy (JMCP)
Avella Specialty Pharmacy, UnitedHealth Group
  • In a real-world pharmacy setting, the Aidia System with pharmacist interventions was associated with increased medication adherence:
  • 12.6% increased adherence
    with more consistent dose-time behavior compared with control group
  • 1 additional cycle
    of medication taken compared with control group over 6 months
  • 5 out of 5 (strongly agree) rating for ease of setup and ease of use
  • “[AdhereTech] demonstrated a significantly higher median adherence of 100% compared with the control arm median adherence of 87.4% (P=0.001).”
  • “[AdhereTech patients] had more regulated behavior and took a greater proportion of doses during the optimal 2-hour dosing window (83% vs 22%; P<0.001).”
  • “In addition to improved adherence, [AdhereTech patients] completed more cycles.”

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Why Patients Love AdhereTech

Patients love the AdhereTech program because it improves care with a great patient experience. It’s so effective because it’s simple and seamless. Patients receive a free, smart pill bottle with their specialty medication. The bottles require zero setup. Patients simply use it just like a normal bottle and automatically get all of the benefits of the program, including helpful reminders for miss doses.

The system is intelligent and will only send the reminder when a dose is missed, so it essentially acts as a safety net for patients. These gentle reminders are sent as a text message or phone call whichever the patient prefers. The program provides personalized support for refills and health issues. At some point during treatment. Patients may require timely support for issues related to health or any other problems that may arise if a patient needs additional support.

AdhereTech system, notifies their Pharma. The pharmacy then knows about important issues earlier so they can contact the patient to provide support sooner than ever before possible.

That’s why thousands of patients worldwide love using the AdhereTech program every day.

Founded in 2011, AdhereTech is a privately held digital health company headquartered in New York, NY, and is the leading provider and pioneer of smart devices that connect patients to care via real-time interventions. AdhereTech partners with pharmaceutical manufacturers, specialty pharmacies and healthcare teams with the mission of using technology informed by insights into human behavior to improve health outcomes. Its Aidia System is a proven, integrated technology-based adherence solution that empowers patients and healthcare teams to achieve optimal medication success.
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