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Make the Right Connections for Clinical Research Success
Research organizations have long struggled to find qualified patients for their research projects which can lead to recruitment challenges, delayed results, and budget overruns. The presence of a global pandemic added a new level of complexity that further slowed or paused many research efforts. Fits and starts, regardless of the reason, can cost sponsors millions of dollars per day.

Patient identification, education, and coordinated enrollment are all critical to launching and finishing every patient-focused research project. If any of these slips, enrollment could stall, derailing the project timeline and budget.

DrFirst partners with pharmaceutical manufacturers, clinical research organizations, patient recruitment companies, market research organizations, advertising agencies, and a host of other companies to reduce the time and cost involved with finding, communicating, educating, and inviting patients to participate in various forms of research.

More Touchpoints. More Pre-Qualified Patients.
As the leader in electronic prescribing, DrFirst has built deep connections with prescribers and pharmacies that enable us to put your research opportunity in front of the right patients at multiple points in the prescription delivery process.

From electronic informed consent to the ability to prescreen and target highly pre-qualified patients for various types of research, and even to conduct FDA-required REMS, DrFirst has been a leader in supporting research organizations for decades.

With a trusted, 20-year history of innovation, DrFirst’s platforms and solutions support more than 120,000 prescribers, 25% of the nation’s hospitals, 280+ EMR partners, and we deliver prescriptions to more than 67,000 pharmacies nationwide. Through these established partnerships, we have multiple solutions that allow you to find, educate and invite patients to participate in your research projects.

Supported by our provider networks, the DrFirst solution is your answer to finding patients for research.

Since 2000, DrFirst has pioneered healthcare technology solutions and consulting services that securely connect people at touchpoints of care to improve patient outcomes. We create unconventional solutions that solve care collaboration, medication management, price transparency, and adherence challenges in healthcare. We unite the Healthiverse™ by providing our clients with real-time access to the information they need, exactly when and how they need it – so patients get the best care possible.

The “Healthiverse” is a term coined by DrFirst to describe our vision of a united healthcare universe where everyone is connected in real-time to each other and to the information they need, so patients get the best care. The vast Healthiverse includes patients, medical professionals and caregivers, hospitals, pharmacies, EHRs, payers, HIEs, pharmaceutical companies, and more. The expansiveness of the Healthiverse means that providers need better access to complete, clean, and consumable information to provide the best care for patients. DrFirst’s mission is to unite the Healthiverse with revolutionary products and services that close the gaps between information and people so that all sectors in healthcare can create better outcomes together.

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VP Client Strategy and Business Development
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