Empowering Patients: LINK Medical and TrialHub’s Innovative Partnership in Clinical Research


LINK Medical and TrialHub Join Forces to Enhance Patient Education in Clinical Research

LINK Medical, a leading Nordic pharmaceutical development service provider, has partnered with TrialHub, a subsidiary of FindMeCure, to bolster patient education in medical research and development. This collaboration includes a scholarship donation to the European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI), aiming to empower patients with the knowledge to actively participate in medicine R&D.

EUPATI, established in 2012, promotes collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors to offer educational resources to patients, enhancing their role in medical research. LINK Medical’s Medical Director, Rikard Reneland, emphasized the company’s commitment to patient-centric clinical research. Maya Zlatanova, CEO of TrialHub, also highlighted the importance of incorporating patient perspectives in clinical trial planning.

The partnership between LINK Medical and FindMeCure through TrialHub’s support of EUPATI is expected to improve patient engagement and education, which are essential for the advancement of innovative treatments and the medical research industry.

About LINK Medical

LINK Medical is a premier CRO and Regulatory service provider in the Nordic region, offering a wide array of services and technologies. Known for its Nordic transparency, work integrity, and patient-centric approach, LINK Medical strives to enhance patient lives through high-quality services.

About FindMeCure

FindMeCure, together with the FindMeCure Foundation, is dedicated to connecting nearly a million individuals worldwide with relevant clinical trials. Their partnership with EUPATI and the development of a clinical trial feasibility platform reflect their commitment to conducting research that meets patient needs.