Erasca Prices 86.5M Share Offering at $1.85 for RAS/MAPK Cancer Therapies


Erasca, Inc., a leading precision oncology company dedicated to developing groundbreaking therapies for patients with RAS/MAPK pathway-driven cancers, has announced the successful pricing of its underwritten offering. The company will issue 86,486,486 shares of its common stock at a price of $1.85 per share, raising significant capital to further advance its clinical-stage pipeline.

This strategic move demonstrates Erasca’s commitment to accelerating the discovery and development of innovative treatments for patients suffering from these challenging cancers. With a singular focus on the RAS/MAPK pathway, Erasca aims to bring new hope to patients by targeting the underlying molecular drivers of their diseases.

The proceeds from this offering will enable Erasca to expand its research and development efforts, support ongoing clinical trials, and invest in cutting-edge technologies to enhance its drug discovery capabilities. As Erasca continues to make strides in the field of precision oncology, this successful underwritten offering marks an important milestone in the company’s journey to revolutionize cancer treatment.