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About Omnipresence

Exeevo Omnipresence is a unified and intelligent customer experience platform (CXM) built specifically for life sciences, the result of a strategic alliance between Indegene and Microsoft, with CRM, omnichannel engagement, advanced analytics, and AI capabilities in a single platform.

Omnipresence provides the 5 pillars necessary to catalyze the successful post-COVID-19 and “next normal” CXM strategy: a common data model for customer and patient information, omnichannel planning, omnichannel journey execution, 360 insights, and personalization at scale on a unified technology stack. Without such a modernized, CX-oriented technology stack, organizations may continue to struggle with the always time-consuming, usually fragile, integration and orchestration heavy transformation programs, which, more often than not, underachieve their business objectives. With Omnipresence, organizations can reclaim their resources to reinvest in truly elevating customer experien

Our platforms are built with Microsoft Business Applications Dynamics 365, Azure, and Teams well as the Cloud for Healthcare.

Exeevo Omnipresence addresses CX use cases from engagement to operations with Healthcare Providers (HCPs), hospital systems, and pharmacists. It is a modern technology platform that exceeds traditional life sciences CRM and marketing alternatives by including omnichannel engagement and AI capabilities in a unified ecosystem.

Exeevo Omnicare addresses PX use cases from trial to therapy for patients, consumers, and carers. It brings together Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to replace fragmented point solutions with an enterprise wide platform for the future.

Exeevo Omnisight addresses insight generation use cases to enable life sciences organizations to personalize their CX and PX use cases. It provides multiple life sciences-trained AI, ML, and NL algorithms that allow organizations to generate and operationalize rich, standardized, extendable deep insights without lengthy customizations.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the industry with a focus on agility, scalability and intelligence. Our name “Exeevo” reflects our core mission of bringing excellence and innovation to the field of health experiences in life sciences, which we feel are just as essential as scientific research to achieving sustainable health outcomes. The spark at the center of our logo represents action, insight and illumination and like our platforms, its parts come together for a unified and agile solution.

We are committed to the transformative power of health experiences in the pursuit of sustainable health outcomes.

About Exeevo + Microsoft

Exeevo and its platforms are the result of a strategic alliance established between Indegene and Microsoft in 2017. We have grown from providing a customer experience (CX) platform for commercial and medical teams to supporting the entire journey from clinical to commercial for life sciences organizations to deliver superior experiences to both healthcare teams and patients.

Exeevo is a unified, intelligent and agile digital ecosystem for life sciences organizations to revolutionize health experiences for healthcare teams and patients in their journey towards sustainable health outcomes. Built with Microsoft clouds including Dynamics 365, Azure and Teams as well as Cloud for Healthcare, Exeevo platforms are verticalized for customer and patient experiences, delivered by biopharma, medical devices, biotech and consumer health organizations

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Chris Wade
Associate Vice President, Strategic Solutions
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