FDA Approves Abecma, Carvykti CAR-T for Earlier Multiple Myeloma Treatment


The FDA has granted expanded approvals for two CAR-T cell therapies, offering new treatment options for patients with multiple myeloma. Bristol Myers Squibb and 2seventy Bio’s Abecma has been approved for third-line treatment, while Johnson & Johnson and Legend Biotech’s Carvykti has received approval for second-line treatment.

These approvals represent a significant advancement in the fight against multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer that affects plasma cells. CAR-T cell therapy involves genetically modifying a patient’s own immune cells to target and destroy cancer cells, providing a personalized approach to treatment.

The earlier-line approvals of Abecma and Carvykti demonstrate their potential to improve outcomes for patients who have previously undergone other treatments. As a new class of therapy for multiple myeloma, these CAR-T cell therapies offer hope for patients and their families, as well as the medical community.