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Building the future of physician-centric engagement

80% of physicians say they want to engage with pharma but only 20% do.

Why is this?

Pressured clinic times
Fragmentation of resources
Increased need for digital demand

Impiricus creates real impact at the point of care
  • 10x engagement over existing channels.
  • Enable field teams as orchestrators.
  • Innovative events and highlights.
  • The fastest growing network of physicians.
  • Physician led insights and feedback.
  • Custom frictionless interface for physicians of the point of care.

Physician engagement is evolving — can you afford to be behind the curve?

Are you ready to get ahead of the curve?

Impiricus is future of physician-industry engagement. We build valuable tools, and curate trusted information for our network of physicians.

We partner with Pharma to identify the most impactful innovation to highlight. With the worlds first AI Concierge, we are supporting 1 mio patients get on therapy by 2025. Our physicians never have to fight an insurance company again.

Want to learn more about why Impiricus is the fastest growing physician network today? or why engagement is over 90%? Find out more at:

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Sandy Donaldson
CEO & Co-Founder
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