Medigene Unveils Enhanced TCR-T Cell Function with Costimulatory Switch Protein


Medigene AG, a leading biotech company, has unveiled groundbreaking findings at the 7th International Neoantigen Summit in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company’s innovative approach, which combines optimized affinity 3S T cell receptors (TCRs) with the PD1-41BB costimulatory switch protein, has demonstrated superior functionality in T cell receptor engineered T cells (TCR-T cells).

The results, presented by Medigene AG’s expert team, highlight the potential of this novel combination to significantly enhance the efficacy of TCR-T cell therapies. By leveraging the synergistic effects of optimal affinity 3S TCRs and the PD1-41BB costimulatory switch protein, Medigene AG aims to revolutionize the field of cancer immunotherapy and provide new hope for patients battling various forms of cancer.