Nona Biosciences Licenses AstraZeneca Antibody for Targeted Cancer Therapies


Nona Biosciences, a leading innovator in the field of oncology, has announced a groundbreaking global license and option agreement with pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca. The collaboration will focus on the development of novel tumor-targeted therapies derived from preclinical monoclonal antibodies.

This strategic partnership brings together Nona Biosciences’ expertise in antibody engineering and AstraZeneca’s extensive experience in drug development and commercialization. By leveraging the unique properties of the licensed antibodies, the companies aim to create highly specific and potent cancer treatments with reduced side effects.

The agreement grants Nona Biosciences exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize the antibodies, while AstraZeneca retains an option to co-develop and co-commercialize the resulting therapies. This collaborative approach ensures that the innovative treatments will benefit from the combined resources and knowledge of both organizations.