Novo Holdings Secures Majority Stake in Single Use Support to Broaden Life Science Instruments and Diagnostics Offerings

A futuristic laboratory filled with state-of-the-art single-use bioprocessing equipment, with the Novo Holdings logo prominently displayed, celebrating their majority share acquisition of Single Use Support.

Novo Holdings Acquires Majority Share of Single Use Support to Expand Life Science Tools, Diagnostics Portfolio

In a strategic move to broaden its portfolio within life sciences tools and diagnostics, Novo Holdings A/S has announced its acquisition of a majority stake in Single Use Support GmbH. This acquisition underscores Novo Holdings’ commitment to investing in cutting-edge technologies that promise to revolutionize the biopharmaceutical sector. Single Use Support, renowned for its innovative solutions in bioprocessing, stands at the forefront of technologies that facilitate the safe handling and processing of biologics, streamlining the biomanufacturing workflow.

Empowering Biomanufacturing Innovation

Single Use Support’s portfolio of products, including their flagship RoSS systems, offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for the storage, transportation, and processing of valuable biologics. These products are pivotal in addressing the critical challenge of protecting sensitive biopharmaceuticals against contamination and loss, enhancing efficiency and safety in drug manufacturing processes. With this acquisition, Novo Holdings aims to drive technological innovation in biomanufacturing, leveraging Single Use Support’s robust platform to facilitate the production of next-generation biopharmaceuticals.

Strategic Expansion

The move by Novo Holdings to acquire Single Use Support is part of a broader strategy to reinforce its position as a leading investor in life sciences tools and diagnostics. This sector has seen significant growth, driven by the demand for more efficient and safe biomanufacturing processes. By incorporating Single Use Support’s offerings into its portfolio, Novo Holdings not only expands its footprint in the biopharmaceutical space but also enhances its ability to support the development and production of life-saving therapies.

A Vision for Future Growth

Single Use Support’s co-founders have expressed enthusiasm about joining forces with Novo Holdings, highlighting the synergy between their mission to innovate biomanufacturing processes and Novo Holdings’ expertise and resources in the life sciences sector. Together, they envision accelerating the adoption of single-use technologies in biomanufacturing, thereby improving the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of drug production. This partnership is poised to foster the development of new products and services, further enabling the biopharmaceutical industry to meet the evolving needs of patients worldwide.


The acquisition of a majority stake in Single Use Support by Novo Holdings represents a significant milestone in the life sciences industry, signaling a strong commitment to advancing biomanufacturing technologies. As Single Use Support integrates into Novo Holdings’ extensive portfolio, the collaboration is expected to yield groundbreaking innovations that will shape the future of biopharmaceutical production. This partnership underscores a shared dedication to enhancing patient outcomes through technological advancement, setting a new standard for excellence in the sector.