Pepper Bio Welcomes Dr. Gershon: A Leap Forward in Transomics Drug Discovery


Pepper Bio Welcomes Dr. Martin Alexander Gershon as Senior Advisor

Pepper Bio, a leader in transomics drug discovery, is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Martin Alexander Gershon as a senior advisor. With a distinguished career that spans across neuroscience, oncology, FDA legal expertise, and venture capital leadership, Dr. Gershon is set to enhance Pepper Bio’s innovative efforts in the pharmaceutical industry.

His expertise will further empower the company’s COMPASS platform, which leverages AI and multi-omics analysis to pre-clinically predict drug efficacy and success. Dr. Gershon’s proven track record, including his roles at Techstars NY and his investments in trailblazers like Moderna, positions him as a valuable asset for Pepper Bio’s growth and strategic partnership enhancement.

This appointment underscores Pepper Bio’s dedication to pioneering new frontiers in drug discovery and its ambition to tackle untreatable diseases, marking a significant step forward in the development of effective treatment options.