PRC Clinical and TrialHub Unite: A Leap Forward in Clinical Trial Efficiency


PRC Clinical and TrialHub Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Clinical Trials

In a significant move for clinical research management, PRC Clinical, a leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) in the US, has partnered with TrialHub, a forefront platform in clinical trial planning. This collaboration is set to enhance patient recruitment and streamline trial planning processes significantly.

By leveraging TrialHub’s advanced technology, PRC Clinical aims to improve site selection and patient enrollment efficiency in clinical trials. TrialHub’s platform, known for its data intelligence capabilities, will enable more informed decisions regarding trial sites and patient pathways.

Curtis Head, CEO of PRC Clinical, highlighted the partnership’s immediate benefits, particularly in enrollment projections and site selection confidence. Maya Zlatanova, CEO at TrialHub, emphasized the focus on keeping patients at the center of every clinical study, which is expected to lead to more efficient processes, cost reductions, and better patient outcomes.

The collaboration marks a pivotal moment in clinical research, with TrialHub’s advancements in NLP and AI set to provide real-time insights that could transform the execution and success rates of clinical trials. This partnership represents a significant leap forward for the pharmaceutical industry in its quest to deliver treatments to patients more swiftly and effectively, underscoring both organizations’ commitment to medical advancement through technology and collaboration.