Precis Elevates Design Excellence with New Structural Engineering Visionary


Precis Engineering + Architecture Welcomes New Structural Engineering Director to Enhance Full-Service Design

Precis Engineering + Architecture, a leading design firm renowned for its integrated services, is proud to announce the appointment of Doug Seaboldt as the new Director of Structural Engineering. This key addition significantly strengthens the firm’s full-service offerings, introducing an essential in-house structural engineering capability to complement its existing architectural, MEP/FP, automation, and process engineering disciplines.

With an impressive 30-year career in structural engineering covering various sectors, including pharmaceutical facilities, Seaboldt’s expertise is particularly valuable. His background in high-tech building design, cGMP spaces, and facility evaluations enables Precis to provide specialized services that meet the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturing and related industries.

Robert Dick, Founding Principal and President of Precis, highlighted the importance of Seaboldt’s role, emphasizing his contribution not only to the firm’s engineering capabilities but also to its ability to deliver innovative solutions from concept to completion. This move aligns with Precis’s vision of offering a truly comprehensive design service.

The integration of structural engineering expertise, led by Seaboldt, promises to streamline project planning and execution for the pharmaceutical sector. His skill in evaluating and repurposing existing structures will facilitate more efficient facility upgrades and expansions, a critical advantage in the fast-paced pharmaceutical industry.

Precis is celebrated for its design leadership and commitment to sustainability, as evidenced by projects like the LEED Gold Eisai Pilot Plant. Seaboldt’s dedication to these principles and his active participation in the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) further demonstrate the firm’s commitment to meeting the pharmaceutical sector’s evolving needs.

As Doug Seaboldt assumes his new role, Precis Engineering + Architecture reaffirms its dedication to providing highly responsive and expertly crafted design and engineering solutions, reinforcing its position as a leader in supporting the business objectives of clients in the dynamic pharmaceutical industry.