Reviews in Urology Relaunch: Expanding Horizons in Urological Research and Care


Reviews in Urology Journal Set for March Relaunch with New Publisher

Reviews in Urology, a leading source for peer-reviewed urological research and insights, is poised for a significant relaunch this March. The journal, which has been a cornerstone in the field since its inception in 1999, will now be published by Specialty Networks. This move marks a new chapter for the journal, which is also the official publication of the Large Urology Group Practice Association (LUGPA).

The relaunch aims to broaden the journal’s scope, offering a wider range of urological research and insights into specialty care. The first issue under the new partnership is set to focus on supporting private practice urologists. However, it will also cater to a diverse audience within the urology community, including advanced nurse practitioners and practice administrators.

In addition to the revamped print edition, Reviews in Urology is expanding its digital footprint with a new app. Available for both iPhone and Android users, the app underscores the journal’s commitment to digital accessibility and expansion. This initiative is expected to enhance the dissemination of groundbreaking research and educational resources to U.S. urologists and the broader medical community.

The collaboration between LUGPA and Specialty Networks through Reviews in Urology is anticipated to significantly strengthen the journal’s impact, ensuring that it continues to serve as a vital resource for the urology field.