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We know specialty medicines.

We help our pharmaceutical company customers break down barriers to launch specialty medicines into global markets and safely treat more patients.

Customers boast extremely high patient adherence rates and find increased commercial success using our platform to safely introduce new drugs to the market.

For mature drugs and programs with implementation challenges, we improve efficiencies with automated solutions that keep patients safe and physicians up-to-date on their patients’ health in real time.

Our automated messaging feature keeps patients on track and care teams well-informed which leads to fewer reported adverse events, making pharma employees much more efficient.


Delivering automated risk management to keep patients safe during their treatments while integrating with labs and other vendors to analyze information in real-time.
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“Because of the great success we have had with our online portal and mobile application, we will be increasing the scope of our agreement with the RxMx team and will shift additional responsibilities of our program to their team in the coming months. I am looking forward to collaborating with RxMx on this future expansion. In short, RxMx is quite honestly one of the top three vendors I have worked with over the course of my 20 plus years in the medical device/pharmaceutical industry.”
Senior Manager Patient Support Program, Major Pharma Company

We’re a healthcare company with exceptional technology solutions and longstanding industry experience.

RxMx was founded by doctors who refused to accept “business as usual” when prescribing new specialty medicines. We’ve built our business on the idea that by automating certain tasks, we can empower doctors and nurses to safely administer specialty medicines without increasing their burden, so they can focus on patient care.

Our solutions deliver cost savings and better outcomes to our partners and benefit patients and their caregivers by ensuring they can access the best treatments science can offer while simplifying their care journey.

We offer agile technology solutions to monitor patient safety and automate some risk management to bring specialty drugs to market.

Our deep understanding of the unique challenges of each drug allows us to design solutions that deliver for doctors, patients and manufacturers by removing barriers to access.

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Mark Epstein
Vice President Solutions Sales
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