Sensorion Releases Preliminary Docs for May 2024 Shareholders’ Meeting


Sensorion, a leading biotech company, has announced that the preliminary documents for the upcoming Combined Shareholders’ General Meeting are now available. The meeting is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, at 2:00 pm CET at the Square Louvois hotel, located at 12, rue de Louvois, 75002, Paris, France.

Shareholders are invited to participate in this important event, which will discuss key matters related to the company’s future development and strategic plans. The preliminary documents, including the agenda and proposed resolutions, can be accessed on Sensorion’s website in the Investors section.

As a pioneering force in the biotech industry, Sensorion remains committed to advancing innovative treatments and maintaining transparent communication with its shareholders. The Combined Shareholders’ General Meeting serves as a platform for the company to share its progress, address shareholder questions, and outline its vision for the future.