SGD Pharma Expands Sterinity Line: New Vial Sizes Revolutionize Pharmaceutical Production


SGD Pharma Expands Sterinity Portfolio with New RTU Vial Sizes

SGD Pharma has broadened its Sterinity product line by introducing new Ready-To-Use (RTU) Type I molded glass vial sizes, now including 10H*ml and 20H ml options presented in tray formats. This expansion is designed to offer pharmaceutical companies a wider selection of sterile vial sizes, streamlining the drug production process by eliminating the need for traditional vial sterilization steps.

The addition of these new sizes enhances the Sterinity portfolio, which already comprises 10, 20, 50, 100ml ISO and 20, 25, 50 EasyLyo vials, catering to a variety of medicinal applications and market demands.

As the first global manufacturer to supply RTU molded glass vials for injectables, SGD Pharma reaffirms its industry leadership and commitment to innovation. This development underscores SGD Pharma’s dedication to providing glass packaging solutions that ensure patient safety and industry efficiency, thereby facilitating faster distribution of pharmaceuticals.

This initiative is expected to significantly benefit the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors by improving the agility and reliability of medicine supply chains.

For more information on this development and its impact on drug manufacturers and healthcare providers, visit the SGD Pharma website or contact the company directly.