Ted Danson and Bristol Myers Squibb Unite to Illuminate Psoriasis Journey: A Beacon of Hope for Patients



Ted Danson Teams Up with Bristol Myers Squibb to Highlight Psoriasis Challenges

In a significant collaboration, Ted Danson has partnered with Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), a pharmaceutical leader, to focus on the impact of psoriasis. This partnership aims to improve the lives of those suffering from this chronic autoimmune disease, characterized by red, itchy, and scaly patches on the skin.

Ted Danson’s Personal Journey with Psoriasis

Known for his roles in ‘Cheers’ and ‘The Good Place,’ Danson brings a personal connection to the cause, advocating for awareness and empowerment through the ‘Find Your Good Place’ campaign by BMS. His experience with psoriasis adds a humanistic touch to the initiative, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive treatment.

The Psychological Impact of Psoriasis

The collaboration also highlights the psychological effects of psoriasis, advocating for a dual approach to treatment that addresses both physical symptoms and mental health.

‘Find Your Good Place’ Campaign

The campaign is part of BMS’s mission to innovate in treatment and support for patients, offering a range of tailored treatment options. It represents BMS’s commitment to the psoriasis community, including the development of advanced therapies and support services.

The Power of Partnership

For pharmaceutical executives, the partnership between Ted Danson and BMS is a prime example of how collaborations can bridge the gap between industry and community, emphasizing empathy and understanding alongside scientific innovation.

A Beacon of Hope

This alliance encourages patients to seek comprehensive treatment plans, promising a significant improvement in quality of life. It stands as a hopeful reminder that individuals with psoriasis are not alone.


The collaboration between Ted Danson and Bristol Myers Squibb represents a forward-moving campaign aimed at reducing the physical and emotional impact of psoriasis. It serves as an inspiring model of compassion and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, striving to improve patient outcomes.