Top Biopharma News for 05/28/2024


Here are the latest stories being discussed in biopharma today:

Healthcare Market News

Healthcare Market News

J&J Makes Strategic Move with $1.25B Acquisition of Numab’s Yellow Jersey

Johnson & Johnson has sealed a deal to acquire Yellow Jersey Therapeutics for a substantial $1.25 billion. This marks J&J’s second major foray into the immunology and inflammation (I&I) space in recent weeks. The acquisition will allow J&J to bolster its I&I pipeline significantly.

Insmed Stock Soars Following Successful Phase 3 Lung Disease Data

Insmed’s stock price surged after the company announced positive results from its Phase 3 clinical trial targeting lung disease. The trial’s success paves the way for potential regulatory approval and marks a significant milestone for the biotech firm.

Takeda Announces Layoffs of 640 Workers Amid Multiyear Restructuring

Takeda is set to lay off 640 employees in Massachusetts as part of a broader multiyear restructuring effort. The layoffs are a component of Takeda’s strategy to streamline operations and reduce costs.

NewAmsterdam Promotes Former Amgen Drug for Reducing Heart Disease Risk

NewAmsterdam Pharma has reported promising results for a former Amgen cardiovascular drug, which has shown a potential to reduce heart disease risk factors. These findings may reignite interest in the drug’s development and application.

New Engineered B Cell Therapy Enters Clinic, Targeting Hemophilia B

The biotech industry witnessed the entry of a second engineered B cell therapy into clinical trials. This new treatment aims to provide a solution for hemophilia B where gene therapies have fallen short. The potential impact on patient care and disease management is substantial.

Agios Sells Glioma Drug Rights to Royalty Pharma and Cargo’s $110M Placement

Agios Pharmaceuticals has sold the rights to its glioma drug to Royalty Pharma in a significant transaction. Meanwhile, Cargo Therapeutics raised $110 million through a private placement, reflecting strong investor confidence.

James Sabry Returns to Biotech after 14 Years with Genentech/Roche

James Sabry, a prominent figure in the biotech sector, is rejoining the field after a 14-year tenure at Genentech and Roche. His return is expected to bring valuable experience and insight to his new venture.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Drug Fails Phase 3 Trial

A drug designed to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy did not meet its primary endpoints in a Phase 3 confirmatory trial. This outcome poses challenges for the developer and highlights the complexity of treating this debilitating condition.

Calliditas Receives $1B+ Buyout Offer from Japanese Firm for Rare Disease Drug

Calliditas Therapeutics has attracted a buyout offer exceeding $1 billion from a Japanese company. The proposal underscores the high value and potential of Calliditas’ rare disease drug.

Merus Plans Pivotal Head and Neck Cancer Trial Based on Phase 2 Data

Merus has announced plans for a pivotal clinical trial for head and neck cancer, propelled by encouraging Phase 2 data. The trial will focus on using the drug in a first-line setting to improve patient outcomes.

Novartis Eyes Approvals for Two Rare Kidney Diseases After Positive Phase 3 Trials

Following successful Phase 3 trials, Novartis is preparing to seek regulatory approvals for treatments addressing two rare kidney diseases. These therapies could provide new hope for patients with limited treatment options.

AstraZeneca and Daiichi Sankyo Enhance Survival with TROP2 ADC in Lung Cancer

AstraZeneca and Daiichi Sankyo’s TROP2-targeting antibody-drug conjugate has demonstrated improved survival rates in a specific subgroup of lung cancer patients during a Phase 3 trial, suggesting a promising new treatment option.

BioNTech and MediLink Enter $1.8B Partnership for Enhanced Cancer Therapies

BioNTech has intensified its collaboration with MediLink through a new $1.8 billion agreement focusing on antibody-drug conjugates. This partnership aims to accelerate the development of cutting-edge cancer therapies.

Gilead Teams Up with Cartography to Discover New Cancer Drug Targets

Gilead Sciences has partnered with Cartography to uncover new targets for cancer treatments. This collaboration combines Gilead’s expertise with Cartography’s innovative mapping techniques to advance oncology drug development.

FDA Panel Cautions Against Novo Nordisk’s Weekly Insulin for Type 1 Diabetes

An FDA advisory committee has recommended against Novo Nordisk’s once-weekly insulin for type 1 diabetes, citing concerns that its risks outweigh its benefits. The decision may influence future regulatory considerations.

#ASCO24: Highlighting Key Data from Merus, MorphoSys, and Others

The latest findings from ASCO24 spotlight significant advancements from companies like Merus and MorphoSys, showcasing cutting-edge research and development in oncology.