Vertex and TreeFrog Partner to Optimize Cell Therapies for Type 1 Diabetes


Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated and TreeFrog Therapeutics have entered into a licensing agreement to optimize the production of Vertex’s cell therapies for type 1 diabetes. The agreement grants Vertex exclusive rights to TreeFrog’s proprietary C-StemTM cell manufacturing technology.

By leveraging TreeFrog’s cutting-edge technology, Vertex aims to enhance the efficiency and scalability of its cell therapy production process. The C-StemTM platform offers a novel approach to cell manufacturing, potentially enabling the development of more effective and accessible treatments for patients with type 1 diabetes.

This collaboration brings together Vertex’s expertise in developing innovative therapies for serious diseases and TreeFrog’s groundbreaking advances in cell manufacturing. The combination of these strengths holds promise for accelerating the progress of cell-based therapies and improving the lives of individuals living with type 1 diabetes.