Vial and Mason: Pioneering the Future of Efficient Clinical Trials


Vial CRO and Mason America Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Clinical Trials

San Francisco, CA – In a significant move for the clinical research industry, Vial, a tech-forward contract research organization, has joined forces with hardware service giant Mason America Inc. This partnership aims to revolutionize clinical trial management worldwide by integrating cutting-edge hardware solutions for seamless eSource data collection and management.

Vial’s CEO, Simon Burns, emphasized the collaboration’s potential to fast-track new therapy development while maintaining cost-effectiveness for biotech sponsors. The integration of Mason’s hardware services with Vial’s eClinical software is expected to deliver unparalleled trial management efficiency and a consumer-grade user experience.

Jim Xiao, President of Mason, shared his optimism about the partnership’s impact on healthcare and biotechnology, noting the significant improvements in data collection methods already observed with the deployment of Mason’s tablets at U.S. clinical trial sites.

The combination of Vial’s innovative technology platform, which includes eSource, Electronic Data Capture (EDC), and electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO), with Mason’s hardware expertise, is set to redefine clinical trial operations. This synergy aims to introduce new levels of efficiency and innovation to the sector.

For pharmaceutical executives, this partnership represents a significant advancement in clinical trial management, with the potential to reduce time to market for new therapies and improve data accuracy and accessibility.

About Vial and Mason: Vial is a San Francisco-based CRO known for its commitment to speeding up clinical trials through technology. Mason America Inc. provides robust hardware solutions and a unified data collection platform, essential in the healthcare technology space. For more information, connect with Vial and Mason on LinkedIn and visit their websites.